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How is Your Metabolism Working?
Do the test to rate your metabolism.
Each yes answer equals 1 point.
1. Are you tired even after you've slept?           
2. Do you need coffee or caffeine drinks to get going? 
3. To you lack energy in the mornings or around 3.30pm?
4. Do you feel better after sugar or carbohydrates like bread or biscuits?
5. Do you desire wine, beer or chocolate?
6. Do you feel tired after meals or have bloating?
7. Do you find it increasingly hard to lose weight?
8. Do you gain weight easily, especially around the waist?
9. Is your waist measurement more than 80cm (women) or 90cm (men)?
9. Do you have foggy thinking and difficulty focusing?
10. Are you forgetful and have poor memory?
11. Do you wake around 3am?
12. Do you snore or have sleep apnoea?
13. Do you wake up tired?
14. Do you have difficulty getting to sleep before 11pm?
15. Do you have low mood or depression?
16. Do you have decreased sex drive?
17. Are you unhappy and not enjoying life?
18. Are you easily frustrated and grumpy?
0-3 Great, your body functions well, you are in the top 10% of the population!
4-6 Your metabolism is showing some signs of slowing.
7-12 Your system is under-functioning. Working on correcting your metabolism would help many of your symptoms.
13-20 You should seriously consider the Rapid Fat Loss program to improve your health and metabolism.
The Rapid Fat Loss Program is designed to re-establish the normal function of your metabolism. An imbalanced metabolism affects practically every function of your body, from difficulty in reducing weight to brain and body fatigue.
There are many diets designed to lose weight, but they don't prevent the fat loss from being regained once off the diet. Many people find the 'yo-yo' diet effect very disheartening, when they lose weight only to find that weight marching back within several months - and then some more on top of it!
For Vitaforce naturopath Troy Heymann, every diet he has researched and personally tried, falls into that category. He has had a challenge with weight gain after dieting, and had resigned himself to being a cuddly person forever - until he trialled the Rapid Fat Loss Program.
His personal success has inspired many others to follow the program, with outstanding results!
The secret is to correct the metabolism centres of the brain to an accelerated fat loss, and long term fat reduction, without the need for continual dieting or rigorous exercise.
  • 8 to 10 kg loss for women, 12 to 15kg loss for men in 3 to 4 weeks of the diet phase.
  • The program takes 8 to 10 weeks to complete.
  • Safe, real food, no side effects, naturopath support.
  • Blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar are improved.
  • Lose weight in all the places you need to - tummy, thighs, back, arms, chins - and enjoy the reshaping.
  • You always have someone to ask if you have a question or problem, or you don't understand what to do.
Support is provided by co-owner of Belstack Strawberry Farm, Marg Tacey who has had success with the program herself, and has assisted many others since commencing her role in April 2011.
"Dear Marg,
Wow what an amazing Xmas & New Year I am going to have this year thanks to you guys!!!
If I was told last Xmas that I would be 17kgs lighter for Xmas 2011 I would have been thinking what very hard work that would mean for all of the year. I would never of even thought that it would be possible for anyone to lose 15 to 20kgs in 3 months, let alone MYSELF!!! So thanks to the Rapid Fat Loss Program and your amazing support I have done it and am feeling amazing!!!!!!
And I am also amazed by how many other people around me have taken on the challenge and had great success, to see this happen to others is so rewarding. I often send my friend text messages with smiley faces and a thank you .... if I hadn't gone to visit her at that particular time then I would never have known about your program and I would still be setting New Years resolutions without any results. This year's New Years resolution will be Never Never Never do I ever want to be like I was at the beginning of 2011.
The Rapid Fat Loss Program has been the easiest and most effective weight loss program I have ever done and yes I have done a few previously ....
So thank you for all your support and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and an enjoyable 2012 .... THANK YOU."
Kaye, Victoria
"Hi Marg,
I'm still currently doing Phase 3. My starting weight was 100.1kg. My current weight is 87.3kg.
I am currently on holidays camping, enjoying life ... But NOT putting on weight.
My cholesterol level went from 9 to 4.3.
I enjoy walking and swimming and have also joined a fitness gym with a personal trainer.
I am following a healthier lifestyle and eating the right foods.
All thanks to this program, not only it helps you lose weight, but reshapes your lifestyle and encourages you to choose a healthier one.
The support I have had from you, my friends and family have been overwhelming, and I am enjoying being the new me."
John, South Australia
"Hi Marg,
Here are some facts about this awesome diet.
Started diet at 117.3kg. Finished Phase 2 after 6 weeks weighing 98.1kg. Finished Phase 3 weighing 99.9kg.
Eating normally for nearly 5 months and decided to do another round as my goal is 85kg.
Started diet at 100.5kg (which I think is amazing as diets you seem to put on weight after you reach your goal.)
Four days on the diet and this morning weighed 96.9kg (loss of 3.6kg in 4 days), total of 20.6kg lost.
All this and cooking in a restaurant haha!
Please pass on my congratulations to Troy on an amazing product."
Mario, Victoria
"Hi Marg,
Just to let you know that I started Phase 3 today.
From the start of detox week (1 week) to the end of Phase 2 (5and a half weeks) I have lost 15.2kgs! This is from 108.5 to 93.3kg.
I am rapt with the weight loss, but it has taken a 15kg loss for anyone to notice the difference, but I am getting a lot of comments now.
I followed the diet perfectly except for two occasions where I knew I would eat catered food.
I don't consider these two episodes a slip up as I decided beforehand that I would do this, I wasn't perfect at these events. I ate everything on my plate and had a glass of wine, but the food was on the Phase 2 list, quantities wouldn't have been correct and I ate a mixture of vegetables, but I did follow both these days with an apple day.
I also believe having the foot detox helped me stay on track with consistent weight loss.
I only have a partial thyroid and must take thyroid medication every day, this leads to a slow metabolism which means that I don't always have a lot of success with diets - I was surprised that there didn't seem to be any impact from the thyroid issues with this diet.
Looking forward to finishing this next phase and then to start again in a few months.
Thanks for the support."
Kath, Victoria
"Hi Marg,
I have been going great since finishing Phase 3. My weight hovers around 92.5kg, which is a kilo less than when I finished Phase 3, this is a total of 16kgs lost in the first round, which I have maintained.
I am loving the foods I am eating, I am sure I am enjoying food more than I ever did before. I stick to a low GI diet, almost gluten free as well. I don't feel deprived at all, am slowly bringing the family around to this way of eating as well. These foods really work for me, I feel so much better, have more energy and motivation, I don't have that sluggish feeling in the body and the mind any more. I won't ever go back to the way I ate before, it is definitely a new mind set and way of thinking. I don't know how the Rapid Fat Loss Program works on your mind, but it did for me.
See you soon to arrange my next round."
Kath, Victoria
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