Creating Wealth by Investing in Property.
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we alone protect buyers!
"Investing in property can be unsafe and full of hassles. As your Property Mentor I will support you through the process of building your property portfolio, to minimise the risk and the hassles."
Peter Tacey


Call Peter Tacey today on 0429 385 284 or complete the online form below to take the first step towards securing your financial future!
With the strength of 90,000 members The Property Club can negotiate the lowest price on properties in every state of Australia.
We have access to a team of researchers who choose properties using solid selection criteria.
We guide you through the purchase process, providing a detailed cashflow report, a written long term plan and the correct loan setup through accredited Club brokers.
We provide professional property inspections before settlement, and rental support to make sure you get a tenant quickly.
As a Club member, we keep you informed and up to date on property investment information. We help you to build your portfolio and to manage it easily.
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