The Belstackasaurus have arrived!

Hand knitted with love by Marg and one of a kind! These delightful dinos will be loved by your child. Soft and cuddly with non-allergenic polyester fill. 
They have been selling quickly through the Belstack shop, so don't miss out!
Cuddly and soft with non-allergenic polyester fill, careful hand washable, button eyes so not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Parent and baby 
The kids at school named it Destiny so of course it is Destiny's child.

#6 Pterodactyl
Flying reptile, large brain, good eyesight.

Stands 23cm tall with a wingspan of  33cm.
Aqua, turquoise and purple knitted.

Baby Chloe loves him! 

#8 Ankylosaurus
Leathery skin, large horns, club like tail.
34cm in length.
Dark green and red knitted.

#1 Allosaurus
Meat eating, powerful hind legs, long teeth.
Stands 28cm tall.
Grey and orange knitted.


#2 Stegosaurus
Large bony plates along his back and tail, brain the size of a walnut!
50cm in length.
Olive green and hot pink knitted.

#11 Belstackasaurus 'Priscilla'
Feisty and fierce, but cute!
Stands 26cm tall.
Lilac and purple knitted.


#4 Parasaurolophus
Duck billed, long hollow crest.
Stands 33cm tall.
Yellow, orange, lime, hot pink knitted stripes.

                                                                                                                                                                        #10 Belstackasaurus 'Fang'
Large sharp teeth, keen eyesight.
Stands 30cm tall.
Lime green and crimson knitted.

Milly loves Fang.

#13 Belstackasaurus 'Silver Beet'
Fluffy, soft and cute, with little striped wings!
Stands 25cm tall.
Cream fluffy and green knitted.

Jai bought him and renamed him Mint.

#14 Belstackasaurus 'Fluoro'
High vis, meat eating predator
Stands 33cm tall, fluoro and orange knitted.

SOLD! to Xander

#3 Triceratops
Charges like a rhino with horns and bony neck frill.
43cm from horn to tail tip.
Brown and lime knitted.

Gifted to Cooper for his birthday.

#5 Spinosaurus
Meat eating, tall sail running down his back.
Stands 35cm tall.
Aqua and lime knitted.

SOLD! to Blade.

#15 Belstackasaurus 'Autumn King'
Solid shape, sharp teeth, piercing blue eyes.
Stands 33cm tall.
Autumn shades knitted.

Will loves him. 

#16 Belstackasaurus 'Stripey'
Goofy with a mohawk spine, he'd have to be a teenage Belstackasaurus.
Stands 32cm tall.
Turquoise and brown knitted stripe.

If you love Stripey like William does, you might like Pizzini.

#7 Quetzalcoatlus
Named after the Aztec feather god, fluffy, cute ancestor of the angry bird?
20cm tall, wingspan of 20cm.
Yellow and black knitted.

#17 Belstackasaurus 'Sunshine'
The happiest, sunniest dinosaur ever!
Stands 32cm tall.

Kai loves him. If you missed out on Sunshine, you might like Cherry Ripe or Persimmon.

#19 Belstackasaurus 'Ruby Tuesday'
Named for her birth day and her ruby coloured spines, and perhaps after the Rolling Stone's song?
She stands 33cm tall and is made of a mix of red, blue, green, aqua and purple knit.

Bradley loves his Belstackasaurus!

#26 Belstackasaurus 'Princess'
Due to requests from granddaughters, I have given in and made a girly Belstackasaurus. She is a Princess with bows on her head and tail!
She is 30cm tall, pink and more pink.

If you like Princess like Amelia does, you might like Flamingo as well.

#24 Belstackasaurus 'Cherry Ripe'
A favourite with the Preps on a visit to school, Cherry Ripe looks good enough to eat (well, at least to cuddle!)
Standing 30cm tall, chocolate brown and cherry red knitted.

#25 Belstackasaurus 'Lollypop'
Bright candy stripes and a sweet face make Lollypop very appealing.
Stands 33cm tall, turquoise, lime and orange striped knit. 

Archer loves him. If you liked Lollypop, you might like Parasaurolophus.

#27 Belstackasaurus 'True Blue'
True Blue Aussie Belstackasaurus. More Aussie than Vegemite!
He stands 30cm tall, true blue coloured knit.


Archie loves him. If you liked True Blue, you might like Sparky or Pizzini.

#28 Belstackasaurus 'Citrus'
Tangy tangerine and lime with an interesting head crest, Citrus is very cute.
30cm, orange and lime green knitted toy.

SOLD! to Campbell

#29 Belstackasaurus 'Royal'
Very regal colours and attitude, he is the King of dinosaurs!
Purple and peppermint stripe combo.

Ryan loves him. If you liked Royal, you might like Storm.

#30 Belstackasaurus 'Sunset'
This dinosaur has the blues and purples of the sky at the end of the day, with some streaks of pink that promise a fine day tomorrow. A little bigger and more solid, he is a good fellow to cuddle in bed at night-time!

Imogen loves him, if you liked Sunset, you might like Ruby Tuesday or Storm.

#31 Belstackasaurus 'Midnight'
Joseph loves him, if you do too, you might like Summertime, Long John Silver or Ruby Tuesday.

#32 Belstackasaurus 'Summertime'
Cool and fresh like a Summer's day, in blues, lime and juicy apricot colours.


#33 Belstackasaurus 'Greeny'
Zaiden loves him in his bright fluoro green and black stripes (and he even matches his doona colours!)

#34 Belstackasaurus 'Ocean'
Rainy loves him, you might like Ruby Tuesday.

#36 Belstackasaurus 'Melody'
Named after a character in one of the books read to me at school by one of my young students. She is soft and pleasant, just like a lovely song!

Sold to Stefanee who bought her when she visited Emerald Bank Market. Melody has gone to Mickleham to live.

#39 Belstackasaurus 'Wally'
With his candy cane red and white stripes and his black glasses who else could he be? Where's Wally? Is he going home with you?

Wally has gone home with Jack, who waited a whole month to get him!

#38 Belstackasaurus 'Hawks'
A special order for Mark, a Hawks fan, for Father's Day!

#35 Belstackasaurus 'Sir-Dance-A-Lot'
The other character that goes with Melody from the book read to me at school. Look closely, he has different coloured eyes!


#37 Belstackasaurus 'Mansfield'
Knitted in the car on a day trip to Mansfield, that's how he got his name.
Nate loves him! He visited in October to pick strawberries and told us that Mansfield had been to kinder.

#40 Belstackasaurus 'Fairy Floss'
As sweet as spun sugar and twice as nice! Pink and white with bold blue eyes.
Kate has taken Fairy Floss home to love. If you missed out, you might like Flamingo.

#41 Belstackasaurus 'Persimmon'
The fluoro pinky orange reminded me of the autumn fruit, Persimmon. Bright and cuddly and a little bit squishy!


#42 Belstackasaurus 'James Bond'
He was created while I watched the movie Casino Royale. With his blue eyes (like Daniel Craig), who else could he be but James Bond!

Campbell chose him as a present for a baby boy. If you missed out on James Bond, you might choose Pizzini, Long John Silver or Ruby Tuesday.

#43 Belstackasaurus 'Pizzini'
Visiting the Whitfield area, we stopped at the Mountain View Hotel for lunch then visited Pizzini winery, both owned by the Pizzini family. This little fellow is a cheeky chap with a touch of Italian flair.

SOLD! to Austinn

#44 Belstackasaurus 'Harry Power'
Created on a drive to the King Valley, Harry Power was a bushranger who used the magnificent vantage point in the hills now known as Harry Power's lookout, to keep an eye out for police. This Harry Power has his eyes turned to the hills too!


Cheryl chose him as a gift for a baby boy. If you love Harry Power you might choose Lemon Jelly

#45 Belstackasaurus 'Zucchini'
Zaiden named him because he is green and white and as fresh and healthy as a zucchini! 

Archie loves him! His Mum and Dad chose him at Emerald Bank Market to take home to Yarrawonga.

#47 Belstackasaurus 'Flamingo'
Hot flamingo pink and white, cute and cuddly with not one head horn, she has two!


#46 MGasaurus 'Rainbow' 
Designed by the MG class at Kialla West Primary School, I made Rainbow as a gift for two great weeks as their teacher.

#48 Belstackasaurus 'Budgie'
Blue and white just like a pet budgie, but no cage will hold this Belstackasaurus!
Dion loves him, you might like Blue Heaven, he's just as cute!

#49 Belstackasaurus 'Sparky'
Named by Cruze, his neon striped colours make him a very bright spark indeed! (He is much brighter than the picture shows!)

Kaylah has taken her home to Mickleham with sister Stefanee's Melody.

#50 Belstackasaurus 'Berries-n-Cream'
Yum, yum! The colour of deep red squishy berries swirled through cream, the taste of summer!

#51 Belstackasaurus 'Storm'
Rainy winter weather, just the day for knitting a cuddly Belstackasaurus the colour of storm clouds. The navy is the dark cloud, the pinks and lavenders give promise of sunshine after the storm passes.


#52 Belstackasaurus 'Long John Silver'
Yo ho ho, me hearties! Long John Silver is the navy and turquoise of the deep blue sea while he sails in his pirate galleon.

Long John Silver flew to Brisbane to live with Aston, who is enjoying him very much!

#53 Belstackasaurus 'Lemon Jelly'
Lemon jelly with the colour of fruit over his back and a lemon snout and tummy. Lemonlicious!

SOLD! to Bec as a gift for baby Max

#55 Belstackasaurus 'Blue Heaven'
Favourite blue and white colours, yummy as a Blue Heaven flavoured milkshake!

New baby boy Kai has Blue Heaven to love.

#56 Belstackasaurus 'Bubblegum'
The kids in class JN at school named this cute dinosaur when she was just a ball of wool!

SOLD! to Ines.

#58 Belstackasaurus 'Flame'
What is special about Flame is that he has wings! Does that make him a dragon?

SOLD! to Arlo

#59 Belstackasaurus 'Gelati'
Another special winged dinosaur, this one is the bright colours of gelati icecream. Ava would love to have Gelati to cuddle, I hope she's saving her pocket money!

SOLD! to Priyanka.

#60 Belstackasaurus 'Emerald'
Emerald green with piercing red eyes, this winged dinosaur is so much like a dragon!
Jeanette bought him as a gift for a young friend. He sold so quickly I didn't even get a photo of his handsome green scales and wings.

#54 Belstackasaurus 'Elsa'

By special request for Indiana who loves Frozen!

Gifted to Indiana for her 3rd birthday.

# 61 Kialla West-asaurus

A special dinosaur in the school colours of yellow and blue, to come to school with me.


#62 Belstackasaurus 'Rusty'
A very cute little winged dinosaur!


#63 Belstackasaurus 'Caramel'
Warm caramel browns and red, chewy and delicious!


Gifted to new baby boy McKinley

#73 & #64 Belstackasaurus 'Cookies'n'Cream
Boy and girl twins sold to Janelle to go to school with her as special friends for the children she teaches in her class.


#67 'Hot Melody'
Designed by Scarlet and GIFTED to her.

#65 Belstackasaurus 'Jubilee Jade'
Knitted while handling the dinosaur herd at Emerald Bank Market. Joy named her.


#66 'Mossy Valley'
Designed by Angel and GIFTED to her.

#68 'Scorcher'
Named by Fitzy at school when he was just a ball of yarn. This dragon lives up to his fiery promise!


Bought as a gift for Matthew

#69 'Sweet Dreams'
Gorgeous aqua, mauve and pink, very restful colours makes Sweet Dreams a great cuddle in bed. I often see him lying down in the shop, sound asleep and having sweet dreams!

Gifted to Meg!

#70 'Purple People Eater'
"He was a one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater" says the old song. He has been SOLD as a gift for Theresa's baby.

#74 'Snowflake'
Named by Angel and Scarlet, a soft blue, cuddly dinosaur.

SOLD! to Aiden, whose sister Paige bought Gecko.

#75 'Majestic'
Scarlet named this dinosaur Majestic, which suits him with his royal purple colours and his regal expression.


#76 'Thomasaurus'
Designed by Thomas and GIFTED to him. Thomasaurus now lives in Adelaide.

#72 'Misty'
Lovely powder blue and pink dragon.
SOLD to Talesha. She just couldn't resist Misty and had to buy her!

#57 'Tigersaurus'
Designed by Cruze and GIFTED to him on his 7th birthday (Go Richmond!)

#71 'Hummingbird'
The name came about because the ball of yarn was named Hummingbird and it just seemed to fit!

SOLD! to Cooper

#77 'Magic'
The children of JCH named this dinosaur dragon when I taught their class. They thought it looked like the colours of Miss Hall's magic pointing wand.


#78 'Gecko' SOLD! to Paige before I had a photo! She is a lovely pale green dragon.

#79 'Fireworks' 
His red back and tail and red, orange and yellow patterned tummy reminded me of a fireworks show, and that's how he got his name.


#80 'Moonglow'
She did not sit in the shop for very long! Pale pink and pastel coloured little dragon. SOLD! to Lily whose brother Austinn bought Pizzini.

#81 'Opal'
The kids at school came up with lots of possible names (such as Conjunctivitis!!! and Chilli Pepper) but with the swirls of colour and the blue tummy she looked like an opal gemstone. 


#82 'Strawberry'
How could I resist?


#83 'Rose Crystal'
Following the gemstone theme, Bianca suggested Pink Quartz, so Rose Crystal was what I chose. She is a gleaming rose pink and white dinosaur, adorable!

How cute is this baby dinosaur, just hatched from its egg! Choose your baby's colour to buy from the picture below.
Standing just 10cm tall, this little baby fits back into its knitted egg.
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