Visit Belstack Strawberry  Farm
You haven't experienced the true flavour of fresh fruit until you PYO (pick your own!!!) Our strawberries are grown without chemicals so they taste yummy and stay fresh longer.
PYO is lots of fun too! 

PYO costs $15 per kg. We provide containers for you to use, which are weighed to determine how much you've picked.

We have a shop with ready packed strawberries, a range of preserves for sale, Paleo and gluten free groceries. The tearoom has cold and hot drinks, icecreams, freshly baked scones (gf available) and Pete's famous traditional Strawberry Sundaes. 
We also have Strawberry Saturdays, yummy desserts made of creamy coconut chia pudding, strawberries, xylitol sweetened strawberry sauce and a nutty crunch topping.

Try Paleo Carrot Cake, Paleo muffins, Coconut Berry Smoothies, Blue Dinosaur Paleo bars, Wallaby treats and Bounce Balls.


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