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Water Filters
All filters create mineral, magnetised and alkaline water.
They remove chemicals, heavy metals, nitrates, fluoride and bacteria.
Mini Waterman, 600ml portable water filter.
Reuse again and again to prevent waste.
Compact and portable.
Waterman Mini Bio mineral Filter
600ml portable filter
Price: $69.00
Ace Bio mineral pot.
Quickly mineralises tap water.
Simple, compact size, light weight, no need for electricity or tap connection.
Includes replaceable filter cartridge with 2 year life span.
Portable for travel and holidays.
Ace Bio mineral pot
Portable for travel & holidays
Price: $179.00
Bio Mineral Pot
5 litre bench top filter system.
All the features of the portable filters in a convenient bench top unit for the home or office.
Bio Mineral Pot BMP - 400
5 litre bench top filter system
Price: $680.00
Bio Mineral Pot
BMP - 1000
10 litre dome bench top filter system.
Bio Mineral Pot BMP - 1000
10 litre dome bench top filter system
Price: $880.00
pH7.5-8 of alkaline water.
  Exylzyme 2X
NOW DOUBLE STRENGTH! New pack contains 270 double strength capsules.
Exylzyme is the most effective systemic enzyme formulation available today. It is produced by World Nutrition Incorporated, a leading developer of nutritional supplements based on top quality ingredients with proven health benefits.
Exylzyme contains no artificial colours, yeast, gluten, lactose, talc and is 100% vegetarian.
It contains Bromelain, Papain and Serrapeptase. Serrapeptase is a peptidase that is used as an anti-inflammatory enzyme, replacing bovine derived trypsin and chymotrypsin. Serrapeptase is lab grown in a protein (fungus) medium. The enzymes are then extracted from the medium so that not a trace of fungus is left and the purity is assured.
Exylzyme is also supplemented with Amia, found naturally in the gooseberry. This unique ingredient provides synergistic support to the enzymatic activity of Exylzyme and is well known as an antioxidant. Another ingredient is Rutin, which is highly regarded as nature’s super anti-oxidant. Amia and Rutin are derived from fruit grown in organic plantations.
Exylzyme is a systemic enzyme which is more effective than a digestive enzyme. This means that the capsules are enterically coated to prevent contact with the stomach acid. This way they pass through the stomach into the intestines where they are absorbed into the body.
Enzymes are needed in the body to enable the full effect of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the vitamins and minerals assist the enzymes. Thus, systemic enzyme use enhances the effect of other supplementation programs.
Exylzyme may assist the body to:
ü      Reduce inflammation
ü      Speed healing
ü      Strengthen connective tissue
ü      Reduce scar tissue
ü      Reduce pain
ü      Promote healthy circulation
ü      Guard against formation of fibrin and prevent fibrosis
ü      Maintain a healthy immune system
ü      Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
$185 for 270 capsules


  Credence Publications Books
We are no longer able to get Credence books, so we recommend you order directly from the UK via their website.


Aussie Indigos
Testimonial for Aussie Indigos by Margaret Tacey
For years, it seems, I had been searching for answers. Parenting courses to coerce my children into submission, books on how to stop tantrums and sibling rivalry, and make them eat their broccoli, or lectures by experienced professionals. Helpful as they were, there was something missing, and as my children grew so did the challenges. 
When a friend recommended I read Marg Tacey’s book, “Aussie Indigos” soon after it was published in 2003, I found what I was searching for. A new perspective! “Aussie Indigos” introduced me to the phenomenon of Indigo Children, and I knew then that I had two of them living in my house. Two very strong willed, intuitive and gifted souls who often had the insight which I lacked. 
“Aussie Indigos” has been a wonderful resource and a catalyst to my learning, and has helped me understand my children and the life they were born to lead. Gradually, I am learning to adopt an open mind to their unique ways, and to respect them for who they are, not what they do. I challenge all parents and teachers to read and reflect upon the powerful messages this book contains.
Aussie Indigos
by Marg Tacey
Price: $25.00
Himalayan Crystal Salt
Himalayan crystal salt is the cleanest and most beneficial salt on earth. This rare and precious salt is hand-mined and specifically selected for consumption from the remote and pristine mountains of the Himalayas. It contains 84 trace minerals and daily consumption can maintain good pH balance, enhance important electrical conductivity between living cells and provide minerals vital to healthy physical and mental functioning.
Available in large rock crystals or ground salt.
Rocks or coarse salt for grinders $50 for a kilo
Ground salt $25 for a 500g packet.
Rock Salt
1 kg
Price: $50.00
Ground salt
Price: $25.00
Course salt, for grinders
1 kg
Price: $50.00
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